Father, You are from everlasting to everlasting.

You drench us in mercy

We wholly and utterly belong to You.

Today, we give thanks for…

11. Weekends

12.  Appalachian mountains

13.  Tender words

14.  Mama’s chicken

15.  Daddy’s love

16.  Unrelenting grace

17.  Respite from winter’s hold

18.  Old movies

19.  Doctors

20.  Provision that is always just in time

21. The Word made flesh

22. Kay Arthur

23.  Pastors and their wives

24.  Friends for whom the word hardly does justice

25.  Healthy children

26.  Understanding

27.  Compassion

28.  Bloggers who have destroyed my complacent world

29.  Macs

30.  Comfy pjs and soft slippers