My porch has become my favorite “room” in my house. It overlooks a tiny glade in which deer, foxes, rabbit, raccoons, squirrels and birds (oh my the birds) hold court and captivate my heart.

It has become my habit to sit on my porch and steal a few moments to myself each morning before the day truly begins. Nature has always had a way of calming the restlessness in my spirit, and today was no exception.

My life at this time is heading in a direction that I really have no desire to go. My time, my sweet, precious, time with my children is dwindling downward. I’ve known in my depths that this time would come, but always, always I could say, “Oh that’s still years away.”

Now that time is at hand. The dreaded 18th birthday is in less than two short weeks and mere months later, my life will be altered completely when she moves away. And today, my son, my baby, got his permit.

He’s right on his sister’s heels.

My family will always be my family…I know this. I know it. It’s not like anyone is dying. And yet a death of sorts is occurring. My children will remain my children, yet my family will not be the same ever again. A separation is happening and it is terrifying.

And so, this morning, I came to my little porchside sanctuary again, seeking solace in the lessons that creation teaches me about God. I was not disappointed.

The light was making headway against the darkness as the earth strained and turned toward the sun. I spoke and said, “I don’t like the direction I’m headed in Lord.”

The sky streaked with subtle pinks and blues. The only answer I felt in my heart was, “Look. Watch the parable of the light.”

The dark shadows were fleeing the light. What had once seemed mysterious and hidden was made clear and beautiful as it was bathed in the glory of the sun. The secrets of the night were not suddenly and harshly outed, like when we enter a dark room and flip the switch. Rather, everything was revealed slowly, lovingly, tenderly, and …relentlessly. Once again my soul was touched by God’s mercy and patience. I was reminded of how He carefully and completely loves us. So much so that in preparation for the separation He knew would come when He created us, He painstakingly poured every drop of His character into our natural environment; effectively creating a clear roadmap for us to follow as the memory of Him and what had been in the Garden faded through time.

Yes, Jesus has come (Praise God) and He is the only Way. Yet still, we forget. And still, creation is there, patiently testifying and giving glory to the Creator.

And today, it has once more taught me that while my life might be crowded with shadows of the unknown…light is always the victor over darkness, and all I have to do is be patient and watch as all that was hidden is made glorious and beautiful in His unfailing light.