Yesterday was lovely.  Worship was full of glory and the sermon was full of hope.  The weather was perfect and my son and I made fried chicken for lunch with mashed potatos.

It was a beautiful day.

So why am I so blah today?  Why no passionate feelings of thankfulness for the wonderful weekend I was blessed with?  Who knows?  Who cares?

I might not be overcome with feelings of gratitude, but I am thankful.  I don’t think that my feelings should get in the way of giving thanks for all the glories and blessings God so generously lavished on me and my family the past two days. I am quite literally stuffed with God’s blessings.

So move aside blahs…here comes the praise…

21.  The Presence

22.  The ability to be thankful even if I don’t feel like it.

23.  My son’s laughter

24.  Sunshine

25.  Fried chicken

26.  Naps after sunday dinner

27. Laughing with my husband about stupid things

28.  Really great sermons

29.  My pastor

30.  Life in general

Are you feeling the blahs today?  Monday blues?  Begin to set your mind on things above and give thanks.  Read Philippians 4:8.

Be blessed because you ARE blessed!

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