This idea of listing our blessings is new to me.  I stumbled upon Ann Voskamp’s blog and was immediately humbled.  I had lost my joy.  Her simple instructions reminded me of what was wrong in my life.

My attitude.  I was ungrateful.  So, on this day, the day following the Day of Days…it seemed appropriate to begin to change my attitude from one of grumbling to one of humility and gratitude.

So I begin…Thank You Father for…

1. Life

2. A Holy Experience

3. Ears to hear

4. Eyes to see

5. A heart to receive Your Truth

6.  Birdsong

7. Hyacinth

8. Spring

9. Beautiful days that seemingly have no end

10. Family

11. My job

12. My church

13. Worship songs

14. Good morning hugs

15. Good night kisses

16. Laughter

17. Flip flops

18. The color green

19.  Toothpaste

20.  Warm blankets
holy experience